Andy Pugh's Homepage

This isn't much of a website, It serves mainly as a repository for stuff in transit, though there are a few proper pages here. Most of this is no longer even true any more, it hasn't been edited this century. Other than adding this disclaimer.

Work. Determining fundamental materials properties of materials. I have worked on a number of materials, from steel to human skin. The link takes you to a page about a testing machine I built for crash test dummy materials. Currently I am looking for my next job, my CV is here

More Work. For about 12 years now I have been helping my parents make Slaithwaite Old Hall habitable again.

Vehicles. I help look after a 1916 Dennis Fire Engine. I also ride a Yamaha FJ1100 motorcycle.

Caving. I used to do a lot of caving. I still do some.

I went to Romania for the Eclipse in August '99 on the FJ, Here is my trip report

I am part of a robotwars team. The team is an offshoot of a motorcycle mailing list called Ixion and the robot is called SMIDSY

The T shirt artwork is here

Information. The Threaded Fasteners FAQ, a Master Table of Thread Sizes and a table of strengths of metric bolts.

Distributed Computing