Day 14. Route

The target for the day was Vienna, and as Jim had contacts there he tried to organise us a hotel. Not, however, with any success; his contact told us that it was high season and that camping would be our only vible option. The traffic of Budapest was better by day, but we still got a bit lost.
In due course we got to the border and, not wanting to bother with Austrian Autobahn vignettes opted for the minor border crossing, except there wasn't one, so we had to go on the motorway. We didn't pay though. By this stage we were old hands at border crossings, and so went through Hungarian passport control and rode off to Austrian control without, in some cases, helmets. Except there wasn't a separate Austrian section, and it soon became clear that the squids of the party were riding down a fully fledged Autobahn without helmets. Kewl! A brief stop at the side of the road and we carried on, leaving the motorway as soon as possible.
The first Austrian town we stopped in was incredibly neat and tidy. Mike says that he felt an urge to drop some bits of paper to make it less so. I know what he meant. It was almost like it had been done on purpose to embarrass Hungarians. We topped up with Austrian cash at a cash point and carried on following the road. Which soon stopped. It became clear that the Austrians have an odd attitude to road surfaces. Anything even a little bit substandard gets ripped up, right down to the roadbed. I suspect that this zeal means that their average road surface is quite bad, as they have alternate excellent and dreadful bits. After picking our way through several such special stages we reached Vienna just a few minutes too late to call in to a Yamaha dealership in search for a TRX mirror. When we tried to restart Marvin's bike wouldn't go. He suspected a fault with his newly installed auxiliary power socket wiring. I suspected a dodgy battery connection. After taking off his tank and pulling out the new wiring he was surprised to find a dead bird on the top of the engine. It appeared to have been funnelled down the fairing air scoop, and was very dead indeed. After removing the bird and fixing the fault (a dodgy battery connection) we set off to find the campsite, which we did without too much trouble. This one had space for us, and whilst a little expensive, was well equipped. Though not with hot water for showers it turned out. This talk that the continentals are good at showers is rubbish, I don't think any campsite we used anywhere had enough hot water, except the French one at Nyons which had warnings that the hot water went off at 8pm but gave a very nice shower at nine.
Various people did laundry, and various other people brought beer, and we ended up hanging around in the laundrette getting vaguely merry. Marvin's FJ proved a marvellous way of getting from the laundrette to the tents, a whole 100yds away. Jim's Viennese contact had arranged to meet us in town, so when the laundry was nearly finished (and after marvin had explained to an Italian couple that they could take his stuff out of the drier if they wanted to, using his gift of tongues and talking loudly) we ordered a pair of  taxis. Half the people got in the first taxi and I and the others (You can see how good I am at remembering names can't you) waited for the other. And waited. And waited. after about 45 minutes and several phone calls we eventually got into a taxi, though I am not clear whether it was actually ours.
Vienna was very impressive, but it is famous for that so I will say no more on the matter, for a while. We found a restaurant and ate, and it was pretty good. A strange drunk Englishman singled marvin out for attention. He claimed to coach a football team, marvin asked what sort of coach he drove. We laughed, the bloke missed the joke. After marvin had disentangled himself we decided that a scenic tour of the architectural highlights of Vienna was called for. Marvin threw a minor strop at this point, preferring the concept of a night-club and more beer, then wandered off. We wandered the streets of Vienna for an hour or so. Ian went to find a secluded corner of a park to pee in and found that its seclusion had attracted others (it is apparently a celebrated cruising area) and eventually we loaded ourselves back into taxis and back to the site. We were a little worried about marvin, but when we got back to the site there he was.

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