Day 15. Route

We got up, struck camp and descended on the campsite restaurant for breakfast. It was quite a big breakfast if you went for the option I did, and it lasted quite a time. We chatted briefly to an Australian girl and her English friend who were heading for Amsterdam. I considered offering the Aussie a lift but, of course, didn't.
I had been considering riding by myself that day, and when the other set off in groups without me the choice became moot. I got very lost in Vienna, and after a brief tour of the city centre decided my only real choice was to head off in a random direction until I found a sign for somewhere which was on my pitiful European road atlas. After about 20 miles I found a left turn to St Polten on road 1, and it became clear that I had been riding north. Which was better than east, but not by much for a south-westerly route plan.
Back on some form of correct heading I made my way down 1 (quite traffic free, due to the Autobahn which has superseded it) and it started raining a bit. By this point I had had enough of getting lost, and took to stopping in garages in search of a map. I found one in the third place I tried, and discovered that though ostensibly a map of Austria it went as far north as Brno, as far south as Milan and covered Zurich to Hungary east to west, In short it covered a good half of our journey both ways, and I wished I had bought it earlier. I was surprised to pass some of the rest of the party somewhere on the Wildalpen road, but saw no sign of Jeremy or Mike, presumably miles ahead up the road after my 'detour'.
The planned finish point for the day was Radstadt and I made good time, getting there at 5:30. Jeremy had made some mention of going on further if there was time, and when I could find no sign of them in the town I decided this is what they had done. After all, I had got in unusually early despite having got lost. A phone call soon put me right though, it turned out that Jeff had dropped his bike again, but this time on the move and in such a way as to break his leg. The accident had happened in Leizen 40 miles back up the road, and he had been taken to Kalwang, 25 miles further east by helicopter. Bother!
I headed back to Leizen where I found marvin and Ian sat in front of an Austrian DIY shop (to open soon, apparently) waiting for a breakdown recovery truck. We waited about 4 hours during which time we cooked some pasta and noodles and things, more for want of anything to do than hunger. I read a book until there was no longer sufficient light, and still there was no sign of the truck. After about two and three-quarter aeons he finally turned up, strapped the bike to the back and led us to the depot. 2kms away. I wish they had told us, we could have pushed the bike there more quickly.
Paperwork settled we rode off to Kalwang, where the others had managed to organise a gasthoff and even to negotiate a couple of beers to be waiting for us. No food though, but by this stage we didn't care, and retired to bed.

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