Day 17. Route

We visited Jeff in the hospital then set off on our way. Once again I went off by myself. I think I must be antisocial deep down, but spending a whole day looking at the back of another bike isn't my thing. Jeremy had said that in order to make up the lost time we had to get to Titisee that evening. I stuck to the route on the card, and when I stopped at a garage after the first (minor pass) after Radstadt (weird sense of Deja vu) Ian caught up with me and told me the others had chosen to go by a more direct route with Autobahns in it. This took some of the pressure off, as I could expect accommodation to be sorted when I got into Tittisee. I noticed Stroh80 on the garage shelf, so bought some.
I got in to Titisee at about 8pm, just as it was dropping dark and rang the others to find out where they were staying. Lindau it turned out, 150km back down the road. After a quiet rant to myself I set about finding somewhere to stay. Without much success as everywhere seemed to be full. There was one hotel with some double rooms available, but I didn't fancy paying 100 quid to sleep with either Ian or Crispin. (Having found that I was at Titisee Crispin had elected to ride on from Lindau in order to take a bite out of his return journey, as he was 'on a promise' for Friday and was heading off alone the next day). While I was sorting out a plot at the campsite I had selected after failing to find a hotel Ian pulled up showing impeccable timing (and not a little prescience, as we hadn't been in contact since the morning). We pitched the tents and made a beeline for the campsite beer and food emporium, where I had a pizza and Ian had a panini. Each was so taken by the others choice that I then ordered a panini, and Ian a pizza.
Just as the food aspect of the establishment shut we heard a bike outside and wandered out to find that it was in fact Crispin. He parked up and ordered a beer and joined us. The proprietors were wanting to close up, but it was an open-plan type place so they merely shut off the lights and gave us a couple of candles to sit with. Oh, and a couple more bottles of beer. Longest day so far, 450 miles.

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