What I did in my summer Holidays, by Andy Pugh, age 32 and a half.

It all started back last year, when members of the Ixion mailing list first became aware that an Eclipse was due to happen. Plans were hatched to visit Cornwall and France, and then somebody noticed that the greatest length of totality was due to happen in Romania around the town of Rimnicu Valucia. Marvin was that person and thence formed a plan to trek out there to enjoy the spectacle. I professed mild interest, and from that point on I was going to Romania. It was for me quite an undertaking, never having ridden a bike abroad before, and never actually having done any motorcycle touring. I had no way of knowing if I would be able to face riding for day after day. The bike was a slight worry too; Was a 15 year old bike with nearly 80,000+ miles on the clock really a good choice? Especially considering the trip was a year away, by which time the mileage would be over 90,000. Then there were concerns about how much it would cost, but with plenty of time to save up I decided that it was an opportunity too good to miss and committed myself to going. It seemed that no sooner had I done so than Marvin was asking for ferry money. It really did look like it was going to happen.

We started planning by email cc list, eventually this became burdensome and a onelist was set up. A plan formed:

Jim contacted FEMA and got put in touch with Sergio, a Romanian who was organising an international enduro rally by the name of EnduRoMania coincident with the eclipse (like an off-road version of the National rally). He invited us to join them at their base camp for the eclipse, and agreed to book us in at a hostel near the site.

Inexorably the day approached. After a flurry of last minute expenses (tyres, new chain, spare bearings...) I packed my stuff. I was a little surprised to find that all the camping stuff fitted in one pannier, leaving a whole other one for clothes. Luxury!

Day 0. From home to Portsmouth
Day 1. On the ferry
Day 2. Spain and the Pyrenees
Day 3. Into France
Day 4. France
Day 5. Into the Alps
Day 6. France, Switzerland, Italy through the Alps
Day 7. Italy, The Dolomites
Day 8. Italy, Slovenia, Croatia
Day 9. Croatia, Hungary
Day 10. Hungary, Romania
Day 11. The Eclipse
Day 12. To the Romanian Border
Day 13. Into Hungary
Day 14. Budapest to Vienna
Day 15. Vienna to Kalwang
Day 16. Kalwang and environs
Day 17. Kalwang to Titisee
Day 18. To the Nurburgring
Day 19. Round and round and round
Day 20. And it bit more round and round
Day 21. Nurburgring to Rotterdam
Day 22. Back home

Other Accounts of the Trip

I am not the only one to have committed my log to the web. Here are some other pages describing the same trip from a different perspective or three.

Marvin's report. Shorter than mine and funnier, a bit like Marvin really
Jeremy's Report. Better pictures, and better layout too.
Mike's Report Really well presented, and written at the time rather then afterward.